Joining the Vagabond Society

The Vagabond Society was created to build long-term stability for the future of the Flat Rock Playhouse. It will provide an extra stream of income to meet the increasing costs associated with producing high quality Broadway style entertainment as well as our Studio 52 educational programs (which includes our Apprentice and Internships).

A member of The Vagabond Society is anyone who informs Flat Rock Playhouse that he or she has made provisions in their will, or estate plan, naming Flat Rock Playhouse a beneficiary. These gifts will not only help you meet your overall goals, but will ensure the future of The State Theatre of North Carolina.

Two ways that you can become a member of the Vagabond Society is to identify Flat Rock Playhouse:

  1. In a charitable bequest in your will
  2. As a beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy

Click HERE to download the Vagabond Society Declaration of Intent Form.

If you would like more information, please call 828-693-0731.