The Gardens at Flat Rock Playhouse

Welcome. The Garden Is Always Open.

A group of volunteer gardeners led by the Hendersonville Master Gardener program started creating the current gardens at The Playhouse in 2008. They have designed and developed 60 garden beds, installed ponds, built rock walls, created pathways and moved tons of earth, just to name a few of their projects.

QR codes can now be found on the garden beds that make up the Playhouse gardens. Visitors can use their smartphones to learn more about the hundreds of plants they are seeing as they stroll through the gardens. All you need to do is point your smartphone camera at the code and tap into information about the individual plants around you. The codes direct the phone to webpages on a site managed by the garden volunteers.

The Master Gardeners are led by Tamsin Allpress, a Master Gardener with Henderson County. Tamsin has an international background from Zimbabwe to Switzerland. Before coming to the United States, she worked as a qualified Registered Nurse and British style midwife. With a passionate love of the outdoors, Tamsin watched and gathered incredible knowledge in the gardening world as well as studied perennial gardening at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in New York. After relocating to the United States, Tamsin and her husband decided to open their own bespoke travel agency, and through her travels, Tamsin grew even more enamored with gardens and nature.

Upon coming to WNC, Tamsin took the Henderson County Master Gardening course in 2006, and when asked to lead a team of gardeners to transform the gardens at Flat Rock Playhouse, she jumped at the challenge leading her to design a  garden that is a destination unto itself.  She is proud to work alongside an enthusiastic group of volunteers who have the same passion for gardening. 

Come for a walk, bring your cell phone and read all about the plants on our QR Readers, or meet your friends for morning coffee and enjoy the many facets of our 60 plus garden beds, and when the shows start again plan on a picnic in the grounds before the curtain goes up.” – Tamsin Allpress

Upcoming Events

August 14th – Garden Tours hosted by Gardening Symposium

3-5th September – The Gallery at Flat Rock exhibits
Art in Bloom