Local AEA Auditions for 2019 Season – 1/21/19

Flat Rock Playhouse Will Be Holding Local AEA Auditions For Their 2019 Season On:

Monday, January 21, 10am – 5pm (Lunch 1pm – 2pm)

AEA members will be seen first or may schedule an audition appointment. To schedule an appointment contact Casting@Flatrockplayhouse.org. No non-eq appointments will be made.  If you are non-union, you may audition but will be required to sign in in person.  Non-eq’s will be seen after AEA is complete.   Auditions will be held at Studio 52, 1855 Little River Road, Flat Rock, NC 28731.  Please prepare material relevant to the 2019 season.  You may present either a monologue, a song, or a one minute monologue and 16 bar vocal selection.

NYC Auditions Will Be Held January 29 – February 7. THANK YOU!

Casting a diverse company. Qualified actor/singers of all ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds are encouraged to audition.


Sylvia (Runs April 5-20)
By: A.R. Gurney
Director: TBD


Sylvia: Female. 20’s. A street-smart lab/poodle mix. A dog played by a woman.
Smart, sassy, loving, comedian. This is a physically demanding role.

Greg: Male. 50’s/60’s. Professional New Yorker near retirement and new owner of Sylvia.

Kate: Female. 40’s. Greg’s wife, whose career is beginning to take off.

Tom, Phyllis and Leslie- CAST


Proposals (Runs May 17-June 1)
By: Neil Simon
Director: Lisa K. Bryant


Clemma Diggins: Female. African American. 40’s-60’s. The housekeeper at the
center of the action. Keeps an eye on all of the family, while facing her own
unresolved past.

Burt Hines: Male. Mid 50’s. He is a recovering workaholic. He just had his second
heart attack and is still in love with his ex-wife.

Josie Hines: Female. 20’s. Athletic, determined, and intelligent. She has just
broken off her engagement and longs for another man.

Ken Norman: Male. 20’s. Intense Harvard Law Student. Good Looking. Despairing
that his fiancé just broke up with him.

Ray Dolenz: Male. 20’s. Ray is an attractive athletic aspiring writer. He dates an
unintelligent model.

Annie Robbins: Female. 50’s. Josie’s mother and Burt’s ex-wife.

Vinnie Bavasi: Male. A Miami gangster who speaks strangely. Comedic chops.

Sammii: Female. 20’s. A beautiful, but unintelligent model. Comedic chops.

Lewis Barnett: Male. African American. 40’s-60’s. Lewis is Clemma’s husband who
returns after 7 years.


South Pacific (Runs June 7-July 6)
By: Rodgers and Hammerstein
Director: Lisa K. Bryant


Nellie Forbush (US NAVY): Female. A spirited, young nurse from Little Rock,
Arkansas, Nellie is optimistic and tomboyish and falls in love with Emile, but she
fights against her own prejudices as their relationship develops.

Emile de Becque: Male. A wealthy, sophisticated and older French gentleman, de
Becque has built an impressive plantation on the island. He claims to have killed a man in France, forcing him to flee the country. He volunteers to serve as a spy for
the American troops when Nellie calls things off between them.

Bloody Mary: Female: A sassy native merchant who makes her living selling
souvenirs to the American Sailors, Bloody Mary tries desperately to find a rich
husband for her daughter Liat who she things can giver her a better life.

Liat: Female. 20’s. Bloody Mary’s beautiful Polynesian daughter, Liat falls in love
with Lt. Cable.

Luther Billis: Male. A loveable and crafty man who helps provide much-needed
comic relief for his fellow sailors, Billis has little to no respect for authority and is
always scheming, but he is a good friend to Nellie. He runs a laundry enterprise with
a homemade washing machine.

“Stewpot” George Watts:  Male. A Sailor and Luther’s cohort, Watts run the laundry

“Professor”: Male. A sailor and Luther’s cohort
Lt. Joseph Cable (USMC): Male. A handsome and intelligent officer, Cable is newly
stationed on the island.

Capt. George Brackett (US Navy): The commanding officer and highest-ranking
officer on the island, Brackett is slightly self-important, but he hides a heart of gold.

Cmdr. William Harbison (US Navy): Second-in-command on the island, Harbison
is officious and hotheaded. He is Brackett’s right hand man.

Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey: A sailor, McCaffrey sends and receives messages
from an undercover mission.

Lt. Buzz Adams: A pilot who flies the undercover mission

Ensign Dinah Murphy: A nurse and Nellie’s closest friend

Ensign Janet MacGregor: A nurse

Sailors, Marines, Seabeas, Patrolman, Ensigns, Islanders, Nuns, Officers,

Soldiers, Pilots


Separate Beds (Runs July 11-20)
By: MJ Cruise
Director: TBD


Ernie Frasier: Male. 50’s. A grumpy, henpecked husband.

Twink Frasier: Female. 50’s. Infatuated with the glamor of the Stone’s. Seeks to
reignite the spark in her own marriage.

Blake Stone: Male. 50’s. A wealthy eyewear entrepreneur. Rich and seductive.

Beth Stone: Female. 50’s. An Actress. Rich and seductive. The Stone’s have a perfect


All Shook Up (Runs July 26-Aug. 18)
By: Joe DiPietro. Music and Lyrics by Elvis Presely
Director/Choreographer: Amy Jones


Natalie Haller: Female. 20’s. A young woman and an excellent mechanic. She’s
much more at home in greasy overalls than a dress.

Chad: Male. A great-lookin’, motorcyclin’, guitar-playin’, leather-jacketed

Jim Haller: Male. 50’s. Natalie’s widowed father. Middle-aged and messy, he still
longs for his wife.

Sylvia: Female. African American. The no-nonsense owner of Sylvia’s HONKY-TONK.

Lorraine: Female. African American. Sylvia’s teenage daughter. Pretty, smart, and a
total romantic.

Dennis: Male. An awkward young man. He aspires to be a dentist.
Miss Sandra: Female. The beautiful, intellectual caretaker of the town’s museum.

Dean Hyde: Male. Matilda’s teenage son. He has spent his youth at military
boarding schools and he has never disobeyed his mother.

Mayor Matilda Hyde: Female. 50’s. The town’s very conservative mayor.

Sheriff Earl: Male. The law in town and a man of not many words. He loyally
follows the Mayor wherever she goes.

Male and female Ensemble: Play an assortment of TOWNSPEOPLE.


Rounding Third: (Runs Aug. 29- 8)
By: Richard Dresser
Director: TBD


Don: Male. 40’s. An experienced baseball coach. He is an ex-athlete himself. He
may be having an affair with the mother of one of the team members.

Michael: Male. 40’s. Don is a white-collar assistant coach. He is less serious about
baseball and wants everyone to just enjoy themselves.


Smoke on the Mountain: (Runs Oct. 4-19)
By: Connie Ray
Director: TBD

Musical. **All performers must be able to sing, act, and play an instrument.

‘June’ plays only basic percussion.

Pastor Oglethorpe: Male. 30’s/40’s. Very enthusiastic southern Baptist preacher of
a small church in Mt. Pleasant, NC. Sings. Ability to play piano a plus.

Vera Sanders: Female: 30’s/40’s. The true leader of the family. She’s more
knowledgeable of the scriptures than anyone. Loves her children and set in her
ways. Plays piano and possibly other instruments.

Burl Sanders: Male. 40’s. Burl is genuinely thrilled to be performing gospel music
with his family. Strong singer. Plays guitar and possible other instruments.

Uncle Stanley: Male: 30’s/40’s. He is much slower to speak than the rest of the
family. He has dark past that he would prefer to keep a secret. Good voice and
strong musician.

Dennis: Male. Late teens/early 20’s. The younger of the twins and seems willing to
follow the lead of others. Must sing well and play one or more bluegrass

Denise: Female. Late teens/early 20’s. The older twin. She is attractive and has a
bubbly personality. Good comic timing, and strong vocals. Must play one or more
bluegrass instruments.

June: Female: 20’s. She is slightly more awkward than her siblings. June is the older
sister, but she is picked on by the twins. She takes pride in the percussion and sign
language, which givers her a part in the family band.


The Turn of the Screw: (Runs Oct. 24-Nov. 2)
By: Jeffrey Hatcher
Director: TBD


The Woman: 20’s/30’s. British. Attractive. Governess. Victorian Era

The Man: 30’s-50’s. British. Plays multiple roles including Uncle, Mrs. Grose, a
young boy, and others.