Announcing 2019 Auditions for The Jungle Book

Announcing 2019 Auditions for The Jungle Book, 
our first family series show of 2019 and…
Everyone’s invited!

Whether new to the arts, or a seasoned vet, we are calling on everyone, all ages, to come out and participate in this exciting, large cast family production. So bring the entire family to the Indian Jungle!

Audition Details: 
Location: 1855 Little River Road, Flat Rock.

Dates & Times:
Thursday, January 17th 4pm-8pm
Friday, January 18th 4pm-8pm
Callbacks will be held Saturday, January 19th 1pm-4pm

***A small production fee of $75 applies to all cast and crew members of this production.***
For students interested in Technical Theatre, please come to the auditions and fill out the correlating paper work, and participate in a brief interview. Technical positions are only available for students ages 14-20.
The Jungle Book
One of literature’s most enduring classics is brought vividly to the stage in this exciting adventure of Mowgli, the Indian boy, raised by caring wolves, befriended by Bagheera, the Panther, and Baloo, the Bear, and threatened by Shere Kahn, the evil tiger. Filled with excitement and humor, we learn of loyalty, survival, courage and the “law of the jungle.”

Rehearsals for The Jungle Book
Rehearsals begin Monday, January 28th

Normal rehearsal schedule: Monday-Thursday within the hours of 6-9pm.

Saturday and Sunday between 1pm-6pm, TBA – (only if needed, possible snow make up dates).
(Please note that we will do our best not to call the children all the time, but these are the possible working hours.)

Studio 52, 1855 Little River Road, Flat Rock

Meet some of the Characters:
Characters at the United Services Boarding School:

RudyardKipling- The young author
Fielding and Hanley – schoolmates always causing trouble for Rudyard.
Price– Headmaster of the school.
Willies– Chaplin of the school.
Crofts-  English Professor at the school.

Characters in the Seeonee Jungle
Child is the young “man cub” who will grow to be come Mowgli.

Mowgliis rescued by the wolf pack. He is taught by Baloo and Bagheera.
Shere Khan is a fierce tiger that wants to kill Mowgli.

Tabaqui  is the conniving jackal friend of Shere Khan.

Mother Wolf takes care of Mowgli and raises him as her own cub.
Akela (Father Wolf) is the leader of the wolf pack and is always concerned about the honor of the Jungle ways.
Bagheerais a black panther who is Mowgli’s friend, guide and protector.

Baloois a carefree bear that loves Mowgli and teaches him the ways of the jungle.
Kaa  is a python, who is friends with Baloo and Bagheera and helps them to rescue Mowgli when he is in trouble.

Hathi is the head of the elephant troop and helps Mowgli whenever he can.
Rann – a small hawk, who guards the jungle.
Ensemble : (mix aged ensemble)ofthe Jungle Creatures-  including wolves, wolf cubs and monkeys.
Characters of the village

Dariis the young girl Mowgli sees with the red flower. (Speaks Hindi)

Massua- an older woman Mowgli meets with Dari. (Speaks Hindi)

Audition Material
Audition Monologues- (Please choose one to perform at this audition)
(Please note these do not need to be memorized but you should be very familiar with the one you choose)
Now this is the Law of the Jungle — as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper,
But the Wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back —
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
And the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.
What am I going to do? By now they’ve made confetti out of my story and thrown it out, I’m sure. That part took me two weeks to write. Now I only have three days left to rewrite it and the ending…Well, I just have to do it! I won’t sleep for the next three days and like Master Crofts says I’ll need to be brief and to the point.
I must get to the part where Baloo and Bagheera are teaching him the Laws of the Jungle and how to protect himself.
It’s true he’ll live among his own people in the village. No doubt he’ll marry- and perhaps someday have cubs of his own. But I truly believe he will return from time to time and sit among us and tell of the wonders of being a man. Just as we ‘ll remind him of the wonders of our magnificent jungle.
Where is he? Where is the man-child? I don’t mean your pups, I’m speaking of the human child. My feast for tonight.
Do not toy with me. The child is here, and I intend to find him.
He is mine. He is mine, I say!
Now hand him over, the law of the Jungle says he is mine.
The time has come for you to act alone, little friend. We have taught you the laws of the Jungle and the means of protection. It is now up to you to fight your battle with Shere Kahn. You must think. Think of a plan,… what does Shere Kahn fear?
He fears man and the red flower above all. But to get the red flower, you must return to the world of men. Be careful, my cub.

For our youngest (under 7 yrs. Old) you may audition with:

“ Listen, it sounds like someone is playing.
It’s a cub, … a human cub!
Can we keep him? Can we keep him?
He can stay with me. “

Please, bring a calendar of your
scheduled upcoming events with you to these auditions! And always remember auditions are about
bringing YOU … and your inner JOY!